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Celebrity 100 Icon Challenge
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Based on icon challenges such as icons100 and disney100 this challenge is for 'Celebrities'.

The main aim of the challenge is to make 100 icons, 50 Themed and 50 Artist choices, with the Celebrity you have chosen. The list with these themes on can be found Here. And of course, to have fun!

1. Join the community using the journal you will post your icons with. Remember it doesnt matter how long you have been making icons, or how many awards you have won. It is purely for a bit of fun.
2. Once you have joined the community, go to this
Post to see which Celebrities have been chosen. If the Celebrity/Celebrities you have chosen haven't been claimed, you can fill in the form and claim. Wait to be approved.
3. If the Celebrity you have chosen has been taken, wait or chose another.
4. Once you have been approved you then have about 3months to complete your 100 icons. If you contact me during that time, explaining that you need more time, this can be sorted. If you have not posted at least 5 icons in the first month, i will assume you do not wish you carry on, and delete you from the list, making the claim free for someone else.
5. Once you have completed your 100 icons, comment on
this post, filling out the form provided. You will be awarded with a personalized banner.
6. When posting icons, please post with this information.
Updated Icons
Anything else

in need of some more banner makers.

Header - so_severus


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