Bonnie (boni_bon) wrote in celeb100,

Hall of Fame 2

I loved this set, but this icon stood out to me. The texture at the top fit perfectly and the bar of colour works really well. I am a massive fan of tiny text, so that just topped it for me!

The cropping on this icon is perfect for the text. The proportions for the icon definatly work. The text is done beautifully, giving an all round lovely icon.

The colouring on this icon is perfect. The sharpness and cropping really add to the overal look. I love the blues in the background of the icon and it really makes the icon a radient icon!

I love the cropping in this icon, off-centered works really well for this picture. The text is simple yet very very effective. Love it!

I love the half black and white half colour style this icon has. The border around him is also very well done, and looks very smooth. The text made me chuckle and goes well with the icon.

I adore the colouring on this icon, its vibrant but not in an obvious bright colours way, which i think is lovely. Great work!

This icon fits the theme perfectly, and the colouring is fantastic. I'm usually not a fan of center cropping, but in this case it works and i love it.

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